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Residential & Commercial Lease Agreements

Whether you are landlord or tenant—lessor or lessee—an experienced real estate attorney who specializes in lease agreements is important to ensure a deal. The landlord-tenant relationship may be adversarial. The legal process is often complicated, and it is extremely import to seek experienced legal counsel in order to prevent disputes from arising. 


Every lease agreement may have an array of legal issues and certain requirements that must be addressed in the terms of the lease agreement. A lease agreement—whether it is commercial or residential—that has not been properly written by an experienced attorney—such as one from the Law Office of Michael L. Billera—can lead to an array of problems, litigations, and issues in the future. 


At the Law Office of Michael L. Billera and Associates, PLLC, our attorney will diligently, negotiate, draft, and review lease agreements. We will explain the differences between residential and commercial real estate and ensure your specific legal needs are met and all your questions are answered. 


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