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Divorce & Family Matters

Divorce is a very difficult moment in any individual’s life. Further, the legal issues surrounding divorce can be overwhelming to any pro-se litigant. As your go-to divorce lawyers, our office will prepare all documents, and tirelessly work for you to ensure you receive the best arrangements. 


When children are involved, matters can become even more complicated as we navigate between who will have legal custody and who will have physical custody. Visitation issues may also become contentious, too.  


 We can help you whether your uncontested divorce is simple or whether you have child support and custody issues and/or significant assets to divide. Wherever our clients are, or who they are, the lawyers at the Law Office of Michael L. Billera and Associates, PLLC will be here to assist you throughout the entire divorce process. 


Our attorney will tirelessly work for you to devise an appropriate marital stipulation agreement with your best interest in mind. We will carefully go over all legal implications of child issues, property distribution, benefits, and retirement funds. 


Wherever you are in the world we can help you obtain a New York divorce .


For any general inquiries, please visit the home page and fill fill in the CONTACT FORM .


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